The Problem
There is more competition due to HMO's/ PPO's
reducing income to private physician practices
The US economy is down and many doctors have admitted
to having their practices slow down.
Physican incomes are decreasing although the copractice medicine is increasing
Physician's are working harder, and longer hours, but getting worse patient outcomes$47 billion are spent by people seeking an "alternative" solution to their illness

The Solution
By attending the AMESPA physician training program, doctors
will gain exclusive eligibility to become a Centers for Advanced Medicine Physician Association(CAMPA) doctor.

2007 AMESPA Event in Cancun is Being Planned

Advanced Medical Education & Services Physician Association (AMESPA) will present its 5-Day Intensive Training Couse in Cancun Mexico in 2013. This 5-day Comprehensive Physician Training Course offers:

  • Forward-thinking physicians the tools and knowledge to implement the most successful and proven treatment protocols from around the world.
  • Five days of training
  • Immediate ability to implement all the described and demonstrated treatments, procedures and protocols upon returning to your practice.
  • Ongoing post-training follow-up including the opportunity for "Centers for Advanced Medicine" affiliation.

Course Information
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Upcoming Events
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